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LED(Lamp) advanced bluetooth lighting system, arduino compliant.

The project

This video shows the lamp made with arduino (stand alone version) a few components (led and bluetooth modem) and our app for android, The firmware is open source (GPL3 license). The app for android offers all functions for LED control: brightness control, color, 8 memories, save favorite color on start plus three lighting effects and camera color picker.

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Inside the LED(Lamp) prototype

Some image about the inside of the LED(Lamp), note the circuit independent of Arduino, that one day we hope to produce (with your support):

Make your LEDlamp for free!!

1) Install LED(Lamp) free app on your phone

2) buy a very cheap bluetooth module on ebay and connect it on artuino, please note: The TX on the bluetooth module can go directly to the pin 2 on the Arduino, but you need a potential divider, from the Tx on the Arduino to the Rx on the BT module, simply connect a 470ohm resistor from gnd to rx pin on the modem and a 270ohm resistor to rx pin of the modem and a pin 4 o the arduino.

3) Setup the modem name and speed, downloading this sketch for arduino, choose tools menu of the arduino software and open serial monitor, send this AT command: AT+NAMELEDLamp, and AT+BAUD8

4) Connect the bluetooth module on artuino serial i/o, pin 1, 2.

5) Download our sketch for arduino

6) Connect a RGB led on pin 5, 6, 3 on your arduino board, Here you will find an example to connect arduino to a RGB led strip

7) Color your world!!!!

This video shows how to make the basic version of LED(Lamp) made with arduino:

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